Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Pretty Things 4: Pixelated Florals

I love flowers.  I love a lot of floral designs, but sometimes they can just be a little bit ... old fashioned.  And I don't mean 'vintage', I mean 'grannified', AKA the Dark Side of retro.

But some genius came up with the idea of pixelated floral designs and suddenly any floral could be current and, dare I say it, slightly subversive?

I got this super-cute pixelated floral fold-up tote bag from Paperchase the other day.

I've also been thinking about the baby quilt I'm making, which is lots of squares...

And then it wasn't much of a jump to realise that I could make a pixelated floral quilt.  I am so excited about this idea!  I'm thinking a nice big 'lap quilt' to use on the sofa (it can get quite cold in our new apartment) with one large rose, some leaves and maybe a couple of buds...

I haven't even made a quilt following someone else's pattern and I'm already coming up with ideas for my own... oh dear, this is clearly addictive!

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