Monday, 16 April 2012

Finished: Kindle Home

I'm a very bad big sister - my lack of sewing has extended to my little sister's birthday present, which was *grumblegrumblegrumble* months ago.  But over the Easter holidays, I was very productive and made her this sugary-sweet little Kindle pouch from pattern drafting to completion in under 4 hours:

Doesn't it make your teeth ache?

I had a chance to use my darning foot and try out free machine quilting for the first time.

It's kinda addictive!  So my hearts don't look perfect and the whole thing looks a little 'home-made', but I love this fabric (strawberries!!) and I enjoyed making it ...

Plus, I made up the pattern and construction as I went (eek!) when I decided I didn't like the pattern I had found online.  It's quilting cotton with needlepunch cotton batting, lined with some corduroy, which I interfaced with the fusible stuff, just to help the structure along.

Testing for size with my Kindle.  I had to wrestle it out - it felt too at home to leave!
I was so pleased to be able to use this ribbon - I bought it aaaaages ago from Crafty Ribbons (don't go there if you don't want to be tempted to buy ridiculous amounts of ribbon!) and have been waiting for a special project.  Little sis is definitely special enough.  I just hope she likes it - I'm writing this post on Friday night (I'm such a party animal!) and giving it to her tomorrow!!


  1. So cute! I made a felt Nook holder right after getting my Nook, and it was a fun little project, and so much more original than just buying one of the (way overpriced) commercially available ones! (My project here:

    1. Aww, your Nook cosy is so cute! It looks so soft, too. And I'm definitely with you that the official ones are SO expensive!! I did manage to find a cheap on (£5) on ebay, so that's what I've got on mine, though I do intend to make one for myself at some point.

      Which has just given me a crazy idea - you could make an 18th C pocketbook style one. I've always loved the 18th C pocketbooks I've seen with the insanely beautiful goldwork on them, but wondered what I could make one for ... You could definitely scale one up and use it as an e-reader wrap. Swoon!


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