Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Wewt! 50% off Vogue Patterns!

Warning, do not read this post if you do not want to spend money!

You have been warned!

There are some awesome Vogue patterns out there, but sometimes they're just too expensive ... except when they're half price!

For all you UK stitchers - Sew Direct is currently offering 50% off Vogue patterns for all customers (even non-members) until 10th March.  I've bought patterns and a cheap french curve with grading rule (towards the bottom of the page) from Sew Direct before and they're brilliant - great offers and always really quick delivery - so I'd definitely recommend them!  (And no, I'm not affiliated with them in any way!)

Anyway, of course, I couldn't resist...

Vogue 8280 - insert Roland-Mouret-Galaxy-dress-rip-off-squees here!  I'm pretty late to the Vogue 8280 party, but it is a pretty fab dress.

And bear with me on the next one ...

Yes, it looks like a box of confetti vomited on her, but check out the line art:

Oh yeah, there are details there!  Like pockets!  Why on Earth they chose to use a crazy print to 'show off' this dress, I really don't know, but let it be another lesson in looking at the line art before judging a pattern.  It's got a fab tulip-type skirt, a non-frumpy elastic-y waistband and a nice bit of hip-balancing cap sleeve action.

It's very much like a Whistles dress I tried on a while back, but which didn't even come close to covering my boobs, which made me sad, so hopefully the addition of a slip (which I wanted a pattern for anyway) and the fact I'm making it myself should mean that it'll fit!  HA!  Take that, Whistles and your not making dresses for women with big boobs!  And the Whistles version didn't even have pockets!

And, dammit, did I mention that it has pockets?  What's not to love?

Finally, I also went for a non-Vogue pattern (which I still got 10% off - they've got an offer for 10% off all patterns at the moment, too, it would seem!), which I'd been eyeing up for a while:

I'm not even going to post the front cover of the pattern 'cause it's pretty painful, but this is Butterick 5466.  A nice, simple pencil skirt pattern.  It's very much like a vintage one I have, but with one major difference - it's actually in my (current) size.  So rather than scaling up the vintage pattern, I'm just going to go with this one.  Sorted!  Plus it's got great reviews.

The only down side of Sew Direct is that they only do Vogue, Butterick and McCall's and I was thinking of getting Simplicity 2451:

Suggested by Gwenan on my post about skirt shapes - thanks Gwenan!  (Let me know if you have a blog and I'll link to you!)  Now, I'm not a fan of flarey bits on skirts, as seen on view A, but, views C and D are nicely tulip-y - huzzah!  And, again, it's got great reviews... AND POCKETS!!!

Sorry, I'll calm down now about pockets on skirts and dresses ... but I just bloody love them too much.

So, I hope the Sew Direct Vogue offer is helpful to some of you (though maybe not helpful to your bank balances!) - let me know if you go for anything through it!


  1. Went to creative stitches at bluewater and sewdirect had a stall there....I splurged on some patterns. As you can see
    I wish they would do simplicity and burda patterns as well.

  2. That confetti vom dress looks amazing. French Connection also do a lot of jersey dresses in a similar style. I've got one and it's my favourite dress so I might have to nab that and try and recreate it in another colour. With pockets.

    (No blog sadly! Maybe if I spent less time reading about sewing and more time actually sewing... maybe one day!)

  3. Oh yes, I've just succumbed to this one too. I got the same DKNY dress you did. Completely agree about the print. I really shouldn't be buying envelope patterns because Burda's due any day now...


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