Friday, 17 February 2012

The Shock of the Old

Just a quick post to share an interesting little article the BBC is running in response to London Fashion Week and the controversy we tend to get with these events.  The shock of fashion isn't a new thing by any means, and this article looks at some of my favourite fashion controversies, such as The Macaroni, the Queen's underwear (Marie Antoinette's chemise a la reine) and Dior's New Look and its fabric-guzzling skirts.


  1. Really interesting article, thanks for sharing! I was especially fascinated to read the first part about the Macaroni. I'd never heard of them before...Yankee Doodle makes so much more sense now, haha!

  2. I enjoyed that. Amazing to think something as covered up as that dress could look scandalous at the time. It looks so modest now.


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