Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Winter time and hand sewing

Hang on, you mean it's the end of January already? When did that happen?! I've been quiet as I've just been getting on with teaching stuff (arranging exams at the moment), moving stuff (boring paperwork, exciting planning, frightening realisations of how much moving costs!) aaand hand-sewing the cushion cover from Patch! I'd never realised how enjoyable hand sewing could be - perhaps because when I used to do it, it was because I HAD to as I didn't have a machine yet. Now, though, I'm doing it because I want to and in an area that will be visible, so I can take pride in my stitches. It's funny that trying out a different area of sewing has taught me something about myself as a stitcher and has given me a taste for something that will help me in all area of sewing. I can't wait to try out some couture techniques in my garment sewing now! Pictures of the cushion cover when it's finished!


  1. Hand sewing is so much more relaxing (and you can watch tv and sew at same time by hand I try to do that with a machine and I end up with a wonky diagonal line of stitching). I've always hand sewn and find machine stitching the most stressful thing to do...its just too fast and uncontrolled. Now you see why I prefer patchwork. I've been sewing a shirt with machine...but think next time it will all be by hand.
    btw. have you got some of those really short needles makes doing small neat stitches so much easier.

    1. I haven't got any of those needles ... well, actually, I'm a bit low on hand needles at the moment - doing this hand-sewing has really made me appreciate the need for good-quality, sharp needles. I think I need to invest!

  2. I love hand-sewing--it's so relaxing, no annoying machine whir, fewer mistakes because it's more controlled. And you can do fun pretty things :)


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