Monday, 2 January 2012

12 in 2012

Su Sews So-So has had a wonderful idea: instead of resolutions for 2012, she's making SMART goals in lists of 12.  12 seems quite manageable - that's one per month - and, of course, it relates to the year (clever, eh?).  Being a project manager, she explains very well what SMART goals are, if you haven't heard of them before, so I'll let you check out her explanation.

Funnily enough, when teaching my team tends to encourage learners to make SMART targets - the system helps you avoid making vague, unattainable goals that you lose momentum with because they will be done 'some day'.

So, I'm thinking about my goals, my plans ... What do I want to do in 2012?  I've already mentioned that I want to sort my wardrobe out in a coordinated way, rather than my usual, magpie kind of clothes shopping and making.  I've also been thinking about the fact that I didn't make any Yule presents this year (and I still owe my little sister a Kindle cover from her birthday - sorry, sis), so I'd like to make some gifts this year (and not have to rush to make loads of Yule presents in December).  Mr Magpie is still waiting for his waistcoat, which I've been too frightened to make, thanks to the fact that it's tailoring (which I have no idea how to do) and it involves some lush wool he chose, which is the most expensive fabric I've ever bought.  Oh, and it's a completely self-drafted pattern.  Scary stuff.  What was I thinking?

As for attainable, Suzie has 3 lists of 12 things (though she's made her list in a way that allows her to cover multiple goals with more than one item - sneaky!), but if to be realistic (and perhaps a little conservative) for myself, I was planning to stick to one or two lists ... but then I started writing them and found I could be sneaky and kill two birds with one stone, too!

Clothes to Make:

  1. Skirt 1 (Simplicity 2413, paper bag waist).
  2. Skirt 2 (slim skirt from a vintage pattern with inverted pleat at back).
  3. Skirt 3 (high-waisted skirt from Simplicity 2654)
  4. Blouse 1 (anchors fabric, vintage pattern).
  5. Blouse 2.
  6. Cropped jacket (vintage pattern, silver-grey dupion).
  7. Dress 1 (New Look 6000).
  8. Dress 2 (Macaron).
  9. Dress 3.
  10. Men's waistcoat.
  11. High-waisted trousers.
  12. Coat (McCall's 6442 - the hood, the hood!!).
Not Clothes to Make:
  1. House thing 1 - throw (possibly involving patchwork?).
  2. House thing 2 - doorstop(s)?
  3. House thing 3.
  4. Pattern weights.
  5. Apron 1 - for that giveaway I mentioned aaaages ago!
  6. Apron 2 - giveaway!
  7. Apron 3 - giveaway!
  8. Yule present 1.
  9. Yule present 2.
  10. Yule present 3.
  11. Yule present 4.
  12. Something pretty!

New Things to Try Making:
  1. Men's clothing.
  2. Trousers.
  3. Piping.
  4. Actually completing an item from one of my vintage patterns!
  5. Actually completing an embroidery item!
  6. Doing some more advanced fitting/pattern altering techniques as needed (eg, grading up one of my vintage patterns that is quite a bit too small).
  7. Knit a garment (so far I've made a scarf and a snood).
  8. Outerwear.
  9. Patchwork.
  10. Making a lining.
  11. Underlining.
  12. Hand-picked zip (they look so lovely and seem like a relatively simple technique to use for a bit of couture luxe).
As you can see, those 'new things to try' can be covered by items in the first two lists.  The clothing and non-clothing lists include things that are relatively quick and simple to make, as well as some more challenging and time-consuming pieces.  So let's see how this goes!

These are my 12 in 2012, what are yours?


  1. Woohoo - welcome aboard Clare! I'm so excited that you are joining in the 12 in 2012 challenge! Loved reading your lists, they look great, and I recon they are definitely achievable, can't wait to see how you get on. And loving the SMART blackboard!!

  2. Thanks, Suzie - your idea puts everything into nice, manageable sizes, huzzah! (We actually used the blackboard image with learners, so I thought I'd get it there!)


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