Monday, 11 July 2011

Pretty Things 2 - Kittens!

Hello lovely readers!  Well, my trip to my mum's ended up being a bit longer than I expected!  I had a lovely week, first visiting her, then she came back to Nottingham with me for a couple of days.  I was planning to do a blog post or two while I was with her, but I actually enjoyed having a bit of time away from the computer.

Plus, I was a bit distracted by KITTENS!

Mum lives with my sister and nephew and they recently got two kittens.  They are too cute!  I had planned to try to steal them, but Mum was watching me too carefully (damn!).

Here they are:

The black one is Gizmo and the black and white is Rizzo - they're both boys, but were named when they first thought Rizzo was a girl.  Oops!  Anyway, that's them asleep, but the camera woke them up:

But then I must have been too boring, because they yawned and went back to sleep:

Yes, the great thing about kittens is that they can make anything into a toy.  Really.  There are bits of my mum's potpourri all around they house where they've been batting it between the two of them.  And if you put anything in Mum's seagrass waste paper basket, well, that clearly must be a toy for them, why else would you put it there?!  That boor bin gets knocked over, climbed over, jumped in and bits of paper get pulled out and torn up.  That white thing under the chair is a piece of kitchen roll that the kittens got out of the bin and attacked!

As well as playing with kittens, I did some knitting (more on that another day!), mooched around some shops with Mum and watched some films with the family.  All in all, it's been a very relaxing week - aaah  :)

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  1. Kitties! They're so cute! My mother-in-law just got a new kitten. I wanted to steal him--especially after he slept all night curled up with me.


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