Thursday, 6 September 2012

12 in 2012 - End of Summer Update

After completing a few pieces over the summer, I thought I'd have another update of my 12 in 2012 list.

Priorities and the like have changed, which is no surprise as that's life, right?  The biggest changes in terms of what I have completed come from my oilcloth sewing class, but the great thing is that I've made some really practical pieces that I've got a lot of use from.  I'd been needing the perfect Stationery Bag for ages, but had automatically dismissed the idea of being able to make it myself - far too complicated, right?!  Wrong!  I loved making the bag and am really proud of it, so the lesson from that, I suppose, is that maybe I should think about making the things I need as well as the things I want.

c. 1890 Corset V&A
A new massive factor has also appeared on the horizon in terms of my plans for what I will make over the remainder of this year: I'm taking a Level 2 City and Guilds Certificate in Corsetry, starting next month!  I can't wait to do this course - a friend has just finished it and her sewing skills have come on in absolute leaps and bounds, and she's made some great pieces.  I was considering doing the course, but the clincher for me was meeting the tutor at the fascinator class - I got on really well with her, she's friendly and knowledgeable and - one of the most important things for a teacher, especially in the creative arts - incredibly encouraging.  We chatted and she gave me information about the course and what it involved, and I was sold then and there!  Over the (academic) year, I'll be making an underbust corset and a 'Victorian style' corset (that's the wording on the qualification specifications), and I think I'll also be able to make a bra, as well as lots of samples of various construction and decorative techniques.

So here's the updated list with completed items crossed off and new information added in this mauve colour.

Clothes to Make:

  1. Skirt 1 - I've got about 2 metres of the Shoes! fabric left and would really to make a skirt from it ... I've got a peplum skirt in my head, a la So, Zo.
  2. Skirt 2.
  3. Skirt 3 (high-waisted skirt using Butterick B5466 - started in black silk dupion.)
  4. Blouse 1 (anchors fabric, vintage pattern).
  5. Blouse 2 - still finishing the silk crepe blouse.  This might be a disaster thanks to my dodgy facings.
  6. Cropped jacket (vintage pattern, silver-grey dupion).
  7. Dress 1 (New Look 6000).
  8. Dress 2 - Retro Butterick 5748 in the Shoes! Fabric.  Done!
  9. Underbust corset (this was another dress, but has now been changed as an underbust corset will enable me to wear other dresses I already own!).
  10. Men's waistcoat.
  11. High-waisted trousers.
  12. Coat (McCall's 6442 - the hood, the hood!!).

Not Clothes to Make:
  1. House thing 1 - (changed in light of the sewing class I completed over the summer) Awesome Oilcloth Bag of Stationery and Sewing Storage Goodness.  Done!
  2. House thing 2 - (changed also because of the class) waterproof picnic blanket.  Done!
  3. House thing 3 - patchwork cushion cover.
  4. Pattern weights.
  5. Apron 1 - for that giveaway I mentioned aaaages ago!  Started.
  6. Wild card - flower fascinator.  Done!
  7. Wild card - oilcloth tote bag.  Done!
  8. Yule present 1 - Kindle cover for lil sis.  Done!
  9. Yule present 2.  I'm making a patchwork quilt for a friend's soon-to-be-born baby ... I'd better get a move on!
  10. Yule present 3.
  11. Yule present 4.
  12. Something pretty!  Laptop cover.  Started.

New Things to Try Making:
  1. Men's clothing.
  2. Trousers.
  3. Piping.  I think I might do this on one of my corsets for my corsetry class!
  4. Actually completing an item from one of my vintage patterns - still working on the disastrous silk crepe blouse.
  5. Actually completing an embroidery item!  Working on laptop cover, which is machine embroidered.
  6. Doing some more advanced fitting/pattern altering techniques as needed (eg, grading up one of my vintage patterns that is quite a bit too small).
  7. Knit a garment (so far I've made a scarf and a snood). - Still working on that jumper!
  8. Outerwear.
  9. Patchwork.
  10. Making a lining.  Retro Butterick 5748 is lined.  Done!
  11. Underlining.  I've changed this because I realised that I've already done underlining (in my 18th century stays!).  So this is now a corsetry-tailored goal, involving something I've previously been a bit scared of: using steel boning!
  12. Hand-picked zip (they look so lovely and seem like a relatively simple technique to use for a bit of couture luxe).  Retro Butterick 5748 also has a hand-picked zip, so this is double-done!


  1. Ooh, I might have to nick that coat pattern idea! I've been going round in circles about whether or not to buy the colette lady grey pattern given that I would want to alter it and I doubt I have the skills. This one is almost exactly like my current RTW coat that I love so much but is falling to bits... (I'm definitely with you on the hood.)

    Hope the silk blouse works out!

    1. Go for it, Gwenan! I was loving the Lady Grey pattern, too, but I love having a hood on a coat for when it rains - let's face it, in Britain, you need it! I do think I will change it ever so slightly to add a button or two - I might feel a little too much like I'm wearing a dressing gown if I just tie it closed. I chose the pattern for a similar reason to you - I have a RTW coat that is very similar with the shawl collar, except it's got a buttoned-up double-breasted front, so I'll have a go at combining that.

      Thanks for the wishes for the blouse - I might take out the facings and face it with bias binding instead.

  2. Nicely done thus far--you've gotten far more accomplished than I have! I can't wait to see the results of the corsetry class!

    1. Thanks, Rowenna! To be fair, you've got more writing accomplished than I have this year and you have a very good excuse for distraction!

      I'm so excited, the class starts next week!

  3. Oh wow the course sounds exciting, keep us up dated wont you?
    My 12 in 2012 has stalled somewhat, I think I should have included a lot more wild cards, but you've done well with yours.

    1. Thanks, Sarah :) Of course, I'll post plenty of bits and pieces as the course unfolds - the first session was really interesting and I'm very excited for what's the come!!


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