Monday, 25 June 2012

Fabric of Win

I got this fabric about a month ago.  I saw it in the local market and my mum bought me a couple of metres of it as I loved it so much - I wanted to make a circle skirt with it ... Then I had to go back a couple of days later and buy some more, I love the fabric so much, it needs to be a dress.

But the question is, which dress?  It's actually an impossible decision!

As soon as I saw this fabric, it said to me 'big skirt', so I think I need to obey that.  And it's such an awesome fabric with a lot going on that it needs a simple pattern.

At the moment, Retro Butterick 5748 is winning, but I just can't commit until I'm sure this is the perfect pattern for this amazing fabric.

Am I the only one who sometimes gets frozen by this kind of perfectionism?  
Do you cling on to a fabric because it's just so awesome that you feel that you need to save it for the perfect pattern?  Or when your sewing skills are 'good enough' to do the fabric justice?
Do you get a bit scared of those sacred fabrics?
If you have any ideas for a pretty pattern for this one, please do let me know!


  1. LOL, you sound exactly like me! I have a tonne of gorgeous fabric that I just can't bring myself to use yet - for fear of ruining it!
    I do, however, think this fabric would look FAB made up in that pattern and that you with do it justice!
    Totally coveting both the fabric and the pattern btw!

  2. I definitely store fabrics for 'just the right thing'. For the last few years I've been really good about not buying fabric unless I knew exactly what it needed to be, but I still have the fabrics from before that resolution, and my Grandmother's fabrics, to deal with!

    I love the colours in the fabric, and think it would look pretty amazing in that Butterick.

  3. Haha, thank you ladies - I'm glad it's not just me who panics! The plan is to go ahead with this Butterick (with a couple of modifications) and hopefully wear it for my friends' wedding next month! Muslin this week, then I'm cutting into that precious fabric!


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